About us

50% of profits support the IUCN Red list. 

A few years ago we learned about bias in conservation research towards animals people like and relate to.

Vertebrate species, mammals in particular, are heavily overrepresented in both research literature and conservation efforts. This needs to change. All species, no matter how small, scary, slimy or humble have an important role to play in our ecosystem.

We want to shine some light on the creepy crawlies and awkward little critters that are in need of our attention. 50% of all profits will be donated to the IUCN red list, an organisation that help make more informed, less biased decisions around animal conservation.

The IUCN is the single most comprehensive conservation list in the world and already helps guide researchers, policy makers and teachers efforts to make more informed decisions. 

We are not in any way affiliated with the IUCN red list, we support them through charitable donations on the first day of every month.